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Single Player Tactical Space Combat

Centauri Rising is a RTT (Real Time Tactical) game currently in development for PC. The game follows the story of the Endeavour and you, her Captain. After being lost in space, you must hold your crew together and find a way back home. Along the way you'll encounter aliens both hostile and friendly, uncover ancient history, fight an epic struggle against interdimensional beings and lead your crew through the depths of space.



Captain your ship by controlling weapons, assigning power distribution and targeting specific enemy systems to disable or destroy hostile forces.


Promote and train your bridge officers. Scavenge for resources to repair and upgrade your ship's weapons and technology.


Experience a hand crafted, fully voiced narrative as you explore Unknown Space and unravel the mystery that brought you and your crew here.


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28 Nov 2020
Space, Sci-fi and Centauri Rising
Posted by Chris

This is an introductory post to who we are, what this game is, and what you can expect from following our development.

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02 April 2021
Making Space Cool
Posted by Chris

How I want Centauri Rising to look like and what guides the decisions behind the art direction.

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